Ilka Alexandrova’s new song “Kaliopa”

Watch the premiere of Ilka Alexandrova’s new song “Kaliopa” on 1 March on “Tiankov Folk”. Here is a part of the people who made possible the realization of the historical song about the Rousse legend Maria Kalisha, called by the Rousse Kaliopa, who played an important role in saving Rousse from burning down during the Liberation!

Ilka Aleksandrova – music and lyrics, Rayko Sevov – arrangement and accordion, Radi Dragiev – clarinet, Veselin Nikolov – piano. Dr. Ivan Ivanov Foundation from Rousse, for the wonderful idea and sponsorship of the song. Ivelina Angelova – Choreographer of TG Flamingo ETNO Rousse. Video Conversation – Tiankov Folk. Kaliopa is the author’s song by Ilka Alexandrova from the new album “Happiness”.