Ilka Alexandrova with a new author’s song

A new author’s song by Ilka Alexandrova for her fans, the premiere of which you can watch on the singer’s birthday, which is on October 5. You can watch the video on Tyankov Folk TV and social networks on the Internet. As usual, the lyrics and music of the song were created by the hit singer, and the creative inspiration of the singer came from her constant love for the traditions of Bulgarian life and culture. The plot of the song is directed in a conversation between the girl and love and to a nightingale, which is often the main theme in folklore. She feeds him and watches as he heads. The nightingale’s attachment to the girl, the singer skillfully weaves in gratitude to the bird and his desire to be true to the girl and in her new home. Thus, the melody and lyrics gain a touching effect on the viewer and listener, which is a sign of Ilka Alexandrova’s creative flair and talent, performing the song in the most emotional and lyrical way. The plot of the video captures a real nightingale, who accompanies the girl to her new home, waking her up to surprise her mother-in-law.